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Barnes & Noble offers a variety of career opportunities requiring different talents.  Here are brief descriptions of our management positions.  To find out about openings, view our career opportunities.

Store Manager
The Store Manager is the store’s leader, responsible for meeting or exceeding the store’s sales goals, identifying business opportunities and motivating booksellers.  It is the Store Manager’s job to create the finest and most profitable bookstore serving the local community. 

Assistant Store Manager
The Assistant Manager is the No. 2 person in the store and is involved in every aspect of its operations. They plan an integral role in the selection, evaluation and development of our booksellers, fostering an employee-centric environment while maximizing productivity. 

Merchandise Manager, Music Manager, Café Manager, Receiving Manager
Managers are responsible for merchandising and operations and keeping track of sales, returns and inventory.

Community Business Development Manager
Community Business Development Managers connect Barnes & Noble to our customers in the communities we serve. They develop and execute local programs designed to maximize sales growth and increase customer traffic through community outreach. They serve as representatives of Barnes & Noble with community organizations as they cultivate existing business and generate new opportunities.   

District Manager
The District Manager ensures that all Barnes & Noble stores in the district meet or exceed their sales goals and live up to Barnes & Noble’s standards of service and quality. Whenever a store in a district has a problem, needs advice or wants to develop a new program, it turns to the District Manager. The District Manager also identifies best practices across stores and mentors Store Managers.