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Specialty Departments: Café

Making a Good Café Great
Rachid Smairi, café manager
Boston, Massachusetts

Rachid SmairiWhen promoted to café manager of the Boston, MA, store located in the Prudential Center, Rachid Smairi presented a very simple business plan focusing on one theme – improving training and customer service.  He asserted that everything else would follow.  The resulting turnaround in his Café’s performance was both immediate and remarkable.

Despite a decrease in tourism in Boston, Rachid and his team managed to add hundreds of transactions per week, and increase the average transaction sale.  To accomplish this turnaround, Rachid held Café-specific shift meetings every morning, where the focus of the day and different points of salesmanship were discussed.

Rachid believes in leading by example.  He works side by side with his team and demonstrates concepts discussed in shift meetings, offers feedback to help café servers improve, and recognizes them for a job well done.

When Rachid is confronted with a challenge, he is always eager to find a way to overcome it.  For instance, to increase his Café’s frappuccino sales, Rachid came up with an idea to invite groups of foreign exchange students from a local college to the store, where they could practice their English while engaging in a scavenger hunt.  The first field trip brought 15 students to the store, all of whom bought frappuccinos.  The trip was so successful that more groups came, with the next group bringing approximately 60 students to the store! 

Rachid’s passion for excellence drives him to perfect everything in the Café and strive to always do better.  His store manager says, “It is a pleasure and privilege to have Rachid working in our store and sharing his insight and expertise.  He is a true asset to our store and our customers.”